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I have for sale another Ssrg Competition 300 wheel , for info email :

It is 825 euro ex VAT plus shipping

Gaspedal black anodized / carbon


So i had set the release date for the Ssrg ''GT Pedals'' to the end of Q4 2021. Due to the fact that i do everything on my own and by myself it is going to be end of January begin February 2022.

All parts will be machined in house , taking full control over quality and availability.

There will be 2 important changes to the prototypes that has been tested for more then 2 years allready.

The brake pedal will get a cylinder with rodends so that there is zero binding , and the pedalarms will be constructed from a solid piece of cnc machined aluminium instead of 2 plates with spacers..



Another step in full control is anodizing in house , now this is something that i have to work out further and scale it up , but the first test results are promising :

08-21 proto types